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Elyon – Biscotti 20.76% – 1/8 Flower – Hybrid


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This is a cross between GSC x Florida OG x Gelato #25 with nice dense dark green buds. Known for its sweet pungent yet citrusy aroma this strain gives off a mind buzzing high perfect for putting your mind at ease as it slowly starts to relax your bodies tension with every hit.||Category:1/8ths|Tags:|��� WARNING:||TIME-OF-DAY:|Nighttime|FLAVOR PROFILE:|Sweet Citrus Gassy|PRIMARY TERPENE:|Caryophyllene|PRIMARY TERP BENEFITS:|Anti-anxiety Anti-depressant Anti-oxidant Anti-microbial Known to create euphoric highs and will suppress depression Perfect for creativity|SECONDARY TERPENE:|Limonene|SECONDARY TERP BENEFITS:|Improves mood Anti-depressant Immune booster Known to give energetic boost Known to make you more talkative and perfect for social settings|STRAIN RELEASE DATE :