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A physical road takes you to a physical place. Camino (���road��� in Spanish) takes you to a state of mind. Settle in for a smooth slumber in a cozy lake cabin and let all your worries go. Our Midnight Blueberry gummies pair relaxing terpenes with a hint of chamomile and lavender for a soothing restful effect that���s boosted by a key ingredient- CBN. These gummies contain 5MG of THC and 1 MG of CBN to support not just your ability to fall asleep but to encourage a more restful night���s sleep overall. Even better this ratio minimizes the ���cannabis hangover.��� Our formulation team used the principles of the entourage effect to take two cannabinoids paired with isolated terpenes to create a Camino that encourages the best possible night���s sleep. Each tin contains 100mg THC/20mg CBN.