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Cannabis Packaging And How It Keeps You Safe

by  | Apr 7, 2021 | Cannabis

If you’ve spent any amount of time in a dispensary, you’ve no doubt noticed that all cannabis products are packaged in specific ways. They also contain labels that provide a substantial amount of information. While it might look like overkill at first glance, cannabis packaging is there for your safety. Here’s what you need to know.

cannabis package

The Look of Cannabis Packaging

As you browse the products on the shelves of your local dispensary or peruse the menu online, the first thing you probably notice is the packaging. Cannabis manufacturers put a lot of time and thought into their designs. They want to catch your eye and convey a message. Some want to evoke fun, while others want to draw you in with the promise of a luxury experience. Companies use their labels to showcase their brand.

The Importance of Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis packaging is more than just a way to tell you about the company. It also serves a much more functional purpose – keeping you safe. For one thing, high-quality packaging protects the products inside, preventing contamination. That way, you can be assured your product hasn’t been tampered with and that it’s safe to use when you open it. Resealable packages help to maintain freshness and protect the remaining product for your next use.

Cannabis packaging can also help to protect children and curious pets. While you might do your best to store your products out of reach, kids and animals can be crafty. Child-proof packaging reduces the risk that little hands can get into the container and grab what’s inside.

Additionally, proper cannabis packaging protects the manufacturers and the dispensaries that sell the products. Companies need to adhere to strict packaging requirements to stay compliant. Ignoring those rules can have serious consequences.

Cannabis Labeling for Safety

It’s not just the packaging itself that protects you. Cannabis labels provide protection as well. When you look at a label, you’ll see a substantial amount of information. It will tell you the name of the product and who made it. It will also provide the lab test results. You’ll learn information about:

  • The amount of THC and CBD in the product
  • The amount of THC and CBD per serving
  • The other cannabinoids in the product
  • The terpene profile (which can play a role in the overall effects you experience)

Labs also test for chemicals, mold, mildew, and more. Knowing what’s in your cannabis products, as well as what isn’t, can help you make a more informed decision about what to buy. You can also be assured that any product you consume is safe.

Again, like packaging, states set specific labeling requirements. Manufacturers have to abide by these requirements to stay compliant. Forgoing them, or not following them to the letter, can result in serious consequences. Additionally, dispensaries won’t be able to sell them.

Cannabis packaging does more than tell you the brand and what’s inside. It also serves a much greater purpose. While it might seem like a lot, especially with the information-laden labels, manufacturers package their products with your safety (and the safety of others in your home) in mind.