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Cannabis Connoisseur Favorites

by  | Apr 22, 2021 | Cannabis

As cannabis becomes more accessible around the country, the number of strains available is skyrocketing. New breeders and breeds are popping up daily. Trying to sort through them all to find the best of the best is a tricky task.

Cannabis connoisseurs have already done just that. Certain beloved strains are sure to remain favorites for years to come. Here are four of the most popular strains of cannabis nationwide. Whether you prefer indica, sativa, or hybrid bud, one of these strains is sure to hit the spot.

Girl Scout Cookies/GSC

One of the most classic cannabis strains ever is GSC, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid strain that can have THC levels as high as 19%. It’s a tasty strain known for its sweet, minty, intense flavors and a chill high that won’t put you to sleep.

Because of its high THC levels, GSC is a strain that connoisseurs love. It’s able to satisfy people with high tolerance levels with ease. There are several different GSC cultivars with slightly different flavor profiles, but in general, it’s a laid-back, potent strain that’s loved around the country.

Gorilla Glue

For cannabis connoisseurs who like sticking to the couch, there aren’t many stickier strains than Gorilla Glue. This is a genuinely pungent strain, and it will fill any room with its earthy, sour scent. It’s another indica-dominant strain that sees THC levels around 20%, which is plenty to leave experienced users glued to the couch.

That’s what Gorilla Glue is known for: it’s potent, and it encourages couchlock in even the most wound-up users. That makes it the perfect choice to unwind and relax at the end of a long week.


Anyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy Gelato. Like its namesake, this cannabis strain has THC levels around 17% and tastes fruity, creamy, and sweet. It’s relaxing but doesn’t make people fuzzy-headed. Combined with its euphoric high, Gelato is a beloved favorite for anyone who enjoys daytime smoking.

It’s not quite as potent as other strains on the list, but it’s still reasonably strong. It’s easy to use during the day since there’s less risk of dozing off. Finally, it’s tasty enough that people with refined palates will enjoy it immediately.

Sour Diesel

Some cannasseurs prefer things with a little more bite. Sour Diesel is a potent strain that will bite back. Like you might expect from the name, this strain is heavily diesel-scented, with a sour smoke that’s not for beginners. However, this sativa-dominant strain is energetic and dreamy, so people who like a peppier high will love the results.

Sour Diesel has THC levels around 18%, so it’s powerful but not overwhelming. Just make sure to smoke it somewhere that’s well-ventilated because this strain will linger in the air for a while.

Cannabis connoisseurs are always looking for their next favorite strain. However, these classic strains are fan-favorites for a reason. Whether you’re looking to expand your palate or find a gift for your favorite cannabis user, one of these strains will do the trick.